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Have a swarm? We do free swarm removal.

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Think you have bees?

Do You Have a Swarm of Honey Bees?
Mid-Columbia Beekeepers Want to Give them a Home!

Beekeepers in the Mid-Columbia are very interested in saving swarms of honey bees, especially successful colonies that grow strong enough to swarm! You can help us protect and raise a sustainable local honey bee population by calling in one of our members to remove a swarm from your property!

We will catch open swarms for free, but do recommend a small donation to the Mid-Columbia Beekeepers assoication. Donate Online Here

Important Honey Bee Swarm Identification

Stop! Before calling any of our members, please read this entire page especially the identification chart. For insect other then honey bees you will be asked to contact an exterminator. 

Beekeeper List

This contact list changes daily to only show Beekeepers that have opted to be listed for the current day of the week.

The below list is current for available beekeepers for Tuesday.

Benton CityChuck (509) 430-2272
KennewickJohn (509) 586-0814
KennewickPaul (509) 987-7448
KennewickChristina (509) 551-2768
KennewickEldon (509) 783-7048
PascoJoe (509) 845-6189
RichlandDan (509) 521-6708
RichlandHuston (509) 420-0503
RichlandLevi (509) 440-4943
RichlandDaniel (509) 308-3833
RichlandDennis (509) 420-6566
RichlandKristine (509) 378-8997
Walla WallaAnthony (509) 540-8663
West RichlandTodd (509) 520-3585
West RichlandAnn (509) 528-2683

Are you a Beekeeper in the Mid-Columbia and want to get on the list?

  1. First Join the MCBA by clicking here
  2. After we receive your payment, you'll receive login information
  3. Login on the left side of site under the menu
  4. Click Edit Your Profile
  5. Select Days of the week your available from around 10am to 4pm
  6. Click "Save Changes" Button

Note: Please remove your self from the list if you will not be around for more then a few weeks

Need to be removed from the list?

Login -> Edit Your Profile -> uncheck days you no longer want to be called and click the "Save Changes Button"

Still Need Help or can't find a Beekeeper?

Contact Us or Call (509) 460-6536

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