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Have a swarm? We do free swarm removal.

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Swarm Info

Call one of the Swarm Coordinators below to have it removed:
  • Ed Kellie, (509) 521-1814
  • Dan Snider, 509-521-6708

Please let us know the following:
  • About how big the swarm is (baseball, basketball, larger)?
  • Where it is located (and how high)?
  • How long it has been there?
  • Has anyone used any harsh chemicals on the bees?
  • Are you sure they are honeybees?
Thank You for your assistance.

Watching a basketball sized swarm of bees in your backyard may seem quite intimidating. However, swarming is a natural instinct, one which has allowed bees to thrive for millions of years.

In an urban environment, their chances of finding a home and surviving till the next Spring are not great. That is why we need your help. Rather than using chemicals to eradicate them, call a beekeeper! Usually, the first one you call will be more than happy to help you find a nice home for the bees. You will be doing a service, to the honeybees, to the beekeeper, and to your neighborhood gardens. Everyone wins!

Most likely, this will be a free service, but please remember, we're beekeepers, not carpenters, or masters at repelling from great heights. We're (usually) not in the business of removing bees from the confines of walls, etc, which would take hours to days, and involve more complex techniques. Thanks for your understanding.

Beekeepers, if you would like to become a member of our swarm capture team, please fill out and return the Swarm Capture Team application on our downloads page. You must be a Mid-Columbia Beekeepers Association to be a member of the Swarm Capture Team.


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