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The Mid-Columbia Beekeepers Association (MCBA) promotes the art and science of beekeeping for hobists backyard, commercial beekeepers, and the public. We conduct educational programs under the Washington State Beekeepers Association Master Beekeepers association. MCBA is run by an all volunteer board of directors, as well as volunteer members. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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How to Get Started

Joining the Mid-Columbia Beekeepers Assocation is easy and straight forward. If you're new to Beekeeping, consider signing up for one of our hosted classes or events. Typically these classes include your membership fee, as well as some hands on experiance. You can join and renew membership any time.

If your organization would like to request a beekeeper speak at an event, with enough notice we may be able to provide an enthusiasitc engaging speaker.

Don't forget to register your Apriary every year with the state of washington by April 1st, not only is it the law but the registration fees are used to continued research in all things beekeeping including dealing with obsticals such as mites, and deseases that impact our bees.  Also local counties use the information to contact you to verify where your Apriary (bee hives) are to prevent spraying pesticides near or on impacted property.
Link to the registration form:
 Apiary Registration form


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